Hey, my name is Abed Murad
I'm an Android Engineer.


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Senior Android Engineer, with 5 years of experience engineering, testing, and maintaining robust and well- architected applications using modern tools and agile methodologies.

Communication and collaboration with others is the key to great work, nothing fascinating is ever built alone!

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Artaah is the mobile interface that allows you to book luggage services, safe transactions, track booking status, ensuring a hassle-free baggage pickup and delivery experience.

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Artaah Agent

A single application for Artaah Agents & Drivers to manage all activities and help deliver the best possible services and navigation to client locations.

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AHOY Merchant

The AHOY Merchant app is your mobile interface to work with the AHOY platform as a merchant to dispatch and book services and perform transactions, COD and much more.

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COMET Driver

The COMET Driver App is part of the COMET Platform. This App is used by any team member who is out in the field completing last-mile deliveries and day-to-day operations. The COMET Driver App includes: Automate pickup and drop-off task management, In-app navigation, built-in payment features, and more.

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Homoola Captain

A state-of-the-art transportation platform that provides its clients with the perfect solution for all their land transportation needs in one place.

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Fans Republic

The 1st Football Social Network.. all about football in one place!

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Youth Council

An internal communication app for the local Youth councils.

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A peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace.
Carly helps cars owners to hearn some extra money by ranting there cars to tenants in prices 30% lower than the car rental agencies.

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